Great Girls Get Involved


Great Girls Trustees and Team Members do not collect salaries or draw from the NPO account at all. We all give of our time and expertise completely free of charge, while still working full-time, so you can be confident in knowing that your contribution has been 100% allocated to providing for the Girls and their needs on the programme, and nothing else.

There are two ways you can get involved in Great Girls – click on the way you’d prefer to show your support (below) to find out more:



We’ve got exciting news!!!
We’ve been provisionally approved to be a beneficiary on the Woolworths MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet programme.

We need your help to become a beneficiary by showing your support and completing the below form. We need 50 forms from supporters.

Please complete the form (you can either already have a MySchool card or be new applicant) and add Great Girls Trust as one of your beneficiaries. Then please email it to

MySchool Digital Application Form English