Great Girls Give of Your Resources


We are forever grateful for donations; the programme is offered to participants at no cost, and includes important aspects such as a hot lunch for girls on the days of modules and important equipment such as stationery. All of our Trustees and Team Members give of their time for free. If you would like to help out, please contact us.


  • Long life milk
  • PnP Bulk boxes of biscuits
  • Sugar
  • Rusks
  • Hot chocolate
  • Marshmallows
  • Paper serviettes (100’s)
  • Fruit Juice concentrate



  • 3 x Plastic sleeve packs (10’s) – 30 total plastic sleeves
  • 25 Black pens (box or cheapest option)
  • 3 x Packs of White A4 Envelopes (packs of 10) -for Welcome Packs – 30 in total
  • 25 Purple Highlighters
  • 13 Exam pads (school, lined exam pads with punch holes)
  • 25 Cardboard File Dividers (the pastel colours ones that have 10 dividers unmarked)
  • White cardboard pack for certificates (20 in a pack) (160gsm thickness)




  • Setting up a debit order to Great Girls of just R30 a month will cover the cost of one girl on an entire programme for a year
  • R55 can help to sponsor one hot meal (lunch) for one girl on the programme
  • R80 can help to sponsor biscuits and tea-time refreshments for one girl for an entire programme
  • R95 can help to sponsor the cost of transport for one girl for the duration of the programme
  • R100 can help to sponsor a girl for one module (out of five) of the programme
  • R190 can help to sponsor one complete training manual for one full programme
  • R450 can help to sponsor a girl for the duration of the programme

Find our banking details here.