Great Girls Give of Your Skills



Please note our core team of volunteers is currently full for 2017, however we are still looking or volunteers to be pod mentors. Click here for what being a pod mentor is about, and email if you would like to volunteer.

We are always looking for industry leaders to share their professional expertise and advice with Great Girls participants as part of our two-month programmes. If you feel you have skills and advice you could offer orientated around entering the working world, please get in touch. We are specifically looking for the following:

  • Professional internships for Great Girls participants
  • Bursaries for further studies for participants
  • Speakers to give career-orientated talks at modules, as part of our programmes
  • Reading material for participants
  • Professional mentors for Great Girls entering the workplace
  • Mock interviewers for when we give participants practice interviews as part of our programmes

Please email to get involved.